My Book: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A Roman family’s search for truth makes them enemies in a battle for life and death.

“Find the truth.”

With these words from his dead wife Marcus Flavius Indomitus is on a mission. Seventeen years later he is still searching, but now his search is confined to Rome as he tries to purge Rome of Christians. Meanwhile his children have grown up and are trying to find themselves in a perverse culture. Chloe and Rufus are attacked at their sanctuary by the catacombs, but are saved by a boy named Philemon. Corvus and Cornelia, Roman court elite, befriend Chloe but Corvus just wants Chloe as another trophy. Rufus and Philemon warn Chloe, but she ignores them. At a party Corvus makes his move, but Chloe rebuffs him and runs leaving Rufus confused. She goes to Philemon who takes her to a meeting of Christians and to talk to Paul where she converts. Rufus finds her at Philemon’s house and their kindness causes him to ask questions warranting another talk with Paul. Now Chloe and Rufus work with Philemon to prevent Marcus from getting any more Christians. Up to this point Marcus had been doing well, but it gets more and more difficult. One day Chloe, Rufus, and Philemon are caught by their old attackers now turned bounty hunters who turn them into Marcus.  Life altering decisions are made as this family struggles under Nero’s rule.

It is rough and a little confusing, but I’m hoping to polish the plot line and write it out by the end of this year.


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