Friends, Family, and All That Jazz

If this were a play the Cast List would look like this

W: Me, form your own opinions

D: Best Friend in the whole world who is going to be a prime ballerina someday or have her own clothing line or both

Mc: Good guy friend who forces W to have a semi social life

S: Fantastic friend who is so gorgeous she has at least two guys following her around at all times

E: An amazing girl who is learning a lot about life, love, and growing up in this world

Dad: the person i would spend all my time with if I could, the greatest man in the world who constantly points me to God

Mom: the hardest working woman in the world who inspires me every day to be the one making a difference in your world

J: Boss in the Kitchen who challenges me to work a little harder and faster challenging myself in a new way daily

Y: Boss in the Restaurant  who encourages me to enjoy my work and help others do the same through my actions

R: Musical Genius who is chill

C: My gorgeous blond younger sister who is great at sports ( I mean she is Helen of Troy beautiful)

B: My petite mexican youngest sister who is brilliant and could probably win Script’s National Spelling Bee, if we had the time.

We all have issues, but we all have God and we point each other towards him in our words and actions.


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