God- the Center of my Life

No matter how crazy my life gets, there is one place I can always go and one person who will never let me down.

My parent’s strong faith has been the foundation of everything I have been taught. They told me about all the heroes of our faith and the God we have been created to glorify. I do not remember there being a time I have not known Christ as my Lord and Savior. However I do know that while I was unsaved I possessed a depraved human nature that was without Christ and condemned to hell.

My parents always told me about the importance of accepting Christ for myself. I understood that I could not ride along on their faith or get to heaven because I was good enough. My parents told me that I had to believe that Christ died for my sins and rose again, freeing me from bondage to sin.

I know that no man is righteous and all have sinned. Our sin nature is originated from disobedience to a perfect, just and holy God who cannot even look at sin. Because all have sinned against an eternal and just God, we must take the eternal consequence. Hell is a place of complete separation from God. The only way to pay an eternal debt is to pay it eternally. Thus, finite humans are sentenced to an infinite judgment. But God in his mercy sent his Son, Jesus, who was fully God and fully man, to pay the eternal price. He suffered the cross, physical abuse beyond comprehension and in the end God turned His back on Jesus at the cross pouring out the full measure of His wrath on Christ instead of on those who deserved it. The only way to receive God’s grace is by recognizing Jesus as our Lord and Savior and believing what he did will redeem our souls from eternal judgment and instead give us eternal life.

Ever since I understood and received Christ I have been given peace and joy especially in the most difficult times. Occasionally I fear that because I was saved at such a young age I was not truly saved, but I know that I am saved because of the fruit he has placed in my life that can be witnessed by others. I know that because I am saved I can be sure of eternal life and nothing can take that away from me.

– W


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