Me, Myself, and I

A rather self centered post, but necessary. I’m a young adult living a small town with my family. I have three jobs, three or four volunteer things, and there is always a ton to do at home on our four acres of  would be farm. In my office which is an unfinished bathroom my mom is sprouting about sixty plants for our garden. There is electrical to run, chicks to raise, other animals to take care of, bees coming tomorrow, a vegetable garden to maintain, and of course the weekly cooking, baking, and cleaning. Needless to say with all this, I have no social life, just an endless stream of events, some humorous, many crazy, that crowd my days and nights and all the time in between. This blog is my way of stopping and smelling the roses (and viewing the wreckage) while my batteries recharge. I hope you, my poor victims, find my insanity at least half as amusing as I do.

About Myself:

Name: I’m to embarrassed to say, so just call me W

Occupation: Jack of all trades, master of none (really!!) , but my day jobs vary from piano teacher to prep chef to busser to marketer and analyst for a food distribution company

Faith: Biblical Christion

Favorite TV Show: Bones and Numb3rs (I want to be a mix of Temperance Brennan and Charlie Epps when I grow up)

Favorite Books: Anything I can get my hands on

College Major: Ha – This seems like the question someone in my age group can not get away from. I am between high school and college at this point, but I want to major in history, particularly ancient and medieval, and anthropology, so I can become and archeologist over seas. My mom says as long as I get a teaching certificate along with that, I should go for it.

Miscellany :

I am a terrible speller, so forgive the odd misspelled werd (I did that on purpose)

I tend to make obscure references to movies, books no one has read in centuries, and unknown bands

I was going to call this blog, “The Demented Rantings of a Crazy Insane White Girl”, but I decided to be more positive. Also,the name was already taken.


I am sick of living in a way that is not adventurous, and I want this blog to challenge me to live outside myself taking chances and living with the consequences.


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